Saturday, August 30, 2008


I talked to Miranda an hour ago.  She was at Papa's house and told me to come pick her up.  I told her I had to have a shower first.  Well, I get to my daddy's house and the door is locked, so I unlock the door.  Then I hear a BEEEEEEEPPPPPPPP BEEEEEEEEPPPP BEEEEEEPPPPPP and then the alarm sets off.  FUCK!  hey have a new alarm system and I think the code is either the old code or one other code, but I didn't know which button to press after entering the code.
It's now a monitored system so the alarm stops and the alarm company comes on over the PA, asking for a name and password.  Ummm, FUCK!  I tell them my name & dad's name but don't have a password so they hang up on me.  Then the alarm starts again.  I call my stepmum's cell - no answer.  I call my dad's phone and there's a ringing in the kitchen - he's phone is on the counter.  FUCK!  The alarm is still armed so I can't leave the house without setting off the alarm again.  Then my cell phone rings.  It's the alarm company!  They couldn't contact anyone else on the list.  duh!  I tried already so I knew that.
The only good thing about this situation, is my dad hasn't set up a permit to have the police dispatched, so we won't get billed for a false alarm. 
Anyway, so if I open the door the alarm will go off so I'm sitting here waiting for someone to come home and let me out.

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