Friday, December 29, 2006

Like a Seinfeld episode

Some girls have stalkers, but I have a WAVER!

I was at the gym, running circles on the track. At one point, I was passing a walker when I saw a guy in the weight area, reclined on one of the machines, wave. It was a small hand-at-the-waist wave. I didn't recognize him, so I assumed he knew the walker, and was simply waving a friendly hello at this man walking beside me.

Later in my run, I spotted this guy again when he was in a different part of the weight area, and I saw him wave again. This time, there was no one else around me so he was actually waving at me! So I thought that I must know him! Dark hair, well built, and it must be this guy who I of who goes to my gym. I smiled and figured he would catch up with me when I was walking or stretching.

He never did catch up with me. When I was walking for my cool down, I started to regain the ability to focus, and try to search him out in the crowd, but I couldn't find the face I was looking for. I called him when I got to my car, expecting to leave a message on his voicemail. I was suprised when he answered his phone, but not entirely since he lives close by and could have left the gym before I did. He denied being at the gm that day, so I told him the story about the gym waver. We had a laugh over it. Why would a guy just wave to a girl in the gym?

The next day at the gym got to the top of the stairs and was waved at. I was in shock so I didn't know how to react and kept walking. It was the waver! He went on the treadmill and I was on the track so I could see him as I passed by, but because of the angle it was hard to make eye contact or something unless I was looking behind me, which I was totally not about to do. When I was finished running, he was over in the weights area and I just left. Who just waves to a girl at the gym and then never comes over to say hi??

Funny thing is, I don't really know what this guy looks like. I don't think I would be able to pick him out in a line up! Attractive, well build, square shoulders, dark hair... that probably describes 1/2 the guys in the gym. lol Since people can change the clothes they wear to the gym, I think I need to look for a more consistance distinguishing feature like their shoes, since most people wear the same shoes to the gym each visit.

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eelke said...

how about looking at it from a different perspective which guy wouldn't wave at a slim attractive young sexy girl like yourselves?