Monday, December 04, 2006


You can close your eyes. You can turn away. But you will never forget.

I saw a movie this weekend, Sorstalanság (Fateless).
Budapest 1944: it is a moving tale about a 14 year old Jewish boy as he is sent to to work in a brick camp and his bus is stopped and he is sent to Auschwitz and then later to Buchenwald. During this time, he comes to learn much about life and friends. The movie was visaully stimulating, as it was done in sepia, black and white, and coloured scenes to emphasize various moods. This movie is based on the contemporary novel by Nobel Prize winner Imre Kertész.

Like any movie about concentration camps that I have seen, it is depressing at times, and also very thought provoking. How can human beings treat other humans like that, and are we still guilty of such crimes against humanity. Ultimately the movie shows the unbelievable resilience of the human spirit.


eelke said...

Hey I see you like the presets ;-)

angel.girl said...

love them, especially the song "kitty in the middle"!!!