Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ouch, that was painful

I'm not one to get dragged into the hype of celebrity gossip, but after seeing the passionless stills of Britney's VMA comeback performance, I admit I had to Google it to see it for myself. click here to view the show

Ouch! Talk about a crash and burn.
Right from the beginning she looked wobbly in those boots. Her fake giggle make me gag. She looked like she was auditining for one of those "think you can dance" shows. It looked like a run-through, you know, where you're just making sure you hit your marks, and you don't go through all the movements like you will be doing in live performance. She looked awkward, distracted, totally not interested in being there. Maybe someone played a cruel trick on Britney, and told her it was just a practice, that the cameras weren't rolling, and that the real show was going to be later. She didn't dance, she didn't sing, it was painful. it was like a car crash... horrible but you can't stop looking at it.

Sarah Silverman cracked some brutal jokes right after the performance. It's rumoured that Britney heard Sarah rehearsing earlier and actually wasn't going to perform, knowing what would be said about her after her show.

The song, Gimme More, it's kinda not bad. I wouldn't call it good, but I'd dance to it if it was playing at the club. listen to it here
ps - it annoyed the piss out of me how many times she brushed back her hair. Hello! you're supposed to be a performer, you know how your hair moves, so you're supposed to style it so it is not a distraction from your dance. duh! (I just saw a clip on MTV that said her stylist flew to Vegas with her, but refused to do her hair). I won't even touch on the subject of the glittery bikini...

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