Sunday, January 13, 2008

I dream Ducati

Saturday was a day of transformation.  At the start of the Bike Show, I was asked if I was going to get a bike of my own.  I laughed, said I would drive too fast and probably get killed, and said I was perfectly content to always be Boyfriend's bike bitch.

Then I saw this bike and my view on life changed.  I can't be Boyfriend's bike bitch forever!  One day I will have to  grow wings of my own.

The Ducati SportClassic SPORT 1000 biposto....*drool* I tried to be very cool and  nonchalant about it, but at the end, I was seriously high from the lustful feelings it evoked in me.   Even now, my heart races at the memory of sitting on it.  I can't remember when I last wanted something so bad!


I wish I had taken pictures of it at the show, because the ones online don't do it any justice.  It's black, with a white racing stripe down the tank.  The mirrors come out from the ends of the handlebars.  It's HOT!  I knew I would never want a touring bike, and the sport bikes look to sporty for me.  This one is perfect!  It has a classy and elegant look to it.   I AM IN LOVE!  


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