Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ice Princess


Miranda has always wanted to learn to skate.  Her class is skating at the rink behind the school for the next few weeks, so she needed skating gear.  The boyfriend (a.k.a Mr. Awesome) took her shopping and she is now the proud owner of CCM Glitter Girl ice skates!!

I didn't pick them out just because they are pink.  They were the last pair of girl skates at Canadian Tire, and just her size!  Call it Destiny, Fate, a Miracle...

DSC00537She wasn't as fortunate with the helmet.  The only one that fit her (much to Scott's delight) is decorated with flames.  Miranda said, "Mummy, my helmet is flame-able". (she meant flammable)  We promised she could pick out some FOX stickers to cover the flames, and that pacified her. Until we get the stickers, she'll be a little punk princess on the ice.

Now we need to get skates so we can take her to the rink on the weekends!

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