Thursday, January 17, 2008

the new boyfriend

It has been nearly a month and I have yet to blog about the love I have for the new boyfriend.  He goes everywhere with me, never gets mad at me, and doesn't complain when I keep him up late at night.  Oh ya, and the new boyfriend and I have spent many nights together in the old boyfriend's bed!  kinky, eh?  heheh

My iPod Touch a.k.a. The New Boyfriend

I year ago, I blogged about wanting an iPhone and the bloody things still are not in Canada.  However, my wonderful brother put an iPod Touch under the tree for me this last Christmas!  I have named it "the new boyfriend". 

The boyfriend got one from his parents, and like the sweet geek couple we are, we lay together in bed and play with our iPods.  He hacked them for us so we can install themes and various applications.

Since the firmware 1.1.3 release, he has chosen to upgrade (and lost the jail break) while I am keeping mine hacked. I like having the applications to access when I'm not connected to the Wi-Fi, and I like my scrobbler app, and the send-a-song app, and the music quiz app, and the eBooks app, and I'm totally addicted to the games, Mines and Slots, and I can't forget to mention the they-might-come-in-handy-on-day apps like Flashlight and Blinker.

The touch is great for Internet stuff, watching videos on YouTube, watching movies, and looking at pictures, but when it comes to listening to music, it kinda bites. 

1. The shuffle feature is crap, because it doesn't shuffle very well at all.  Quite often it plays back to back songs by the same artist, and I supposed that's random, but when I have 5GB of music on it, you'd think it could mix it up better. 

2. I like to listen to music while laying on the couch and after a few minutes the screen turns off, so if I want to skip to the next song, I have to open my eyes, double click the home button and then touch the screen controls.

3. The screen doesn't respond to mitten touches, so when I have it plugged in to the FM transmitter in my car, I have to take of my gloves to touch the controls on the screen.

4. My Nike running attachment doesn't work with the Touch.  Guess I'll be keeping my old Nano for running.

Now I REALLY REALLY REALLY want an iPhone.

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