Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Pink Presents

I wonder if one day I will wake up and detest the colour pink, like I did when I was 13 and insisted that my mum replace the pink walls of my bedroom with bold black and white stripes with accents in red. 

I say this because I have accumulated a LOT of pink items over the Christmas break.

Pink plastic luggage tags:

DSC00390Pink leather Brookstone luggage tags & pink digital photo keychain:DSC00382-1 

Pink Hyes suitcases:

Pink ironing board cover (with shoes!):

DSC00386Pink Opal necklace (hand crafted in Phoenix) and pink sparkly cuff bracelet: 

plaid handbag , pink wallet and pink camera case:

Pink nail polish and pink sweater:
DSC00400 DSC00402

DSC00384 Pink Sponge Bob Pajamas (Even though they are pink, I wouldn't buy cartoon clothes for myself.  Still, I enjoy the gift and I'm wearing the pants right now!  I'm also considering wearing them to work one of these days)




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