Monday, January 08, 2007

"Yeah! You're part of it"

I've never been fond of rap music, but post-punk laptop rap, now there's something that I can listen to. MC Lars is amazing! Some songs are rappy, some songs are punky, some are both, every song sounds different. His sound is great, and his lyrics are mentally stimulating and funny with their modern references.

My favourite song is Space Game:

Hey Fry, look, we can still be friends
I won’t ask Leela out again. Sci-fi, I try, I fly solo
Shoot your landspeeder up just like Bolo
“What’s with Lars, and what’s with his name?”
Never mind that ish, ‘cause I’ve got space game!


Darth Maul can’t stop me (I’m on fire tonight)
Boba Fett can’t stop me (I’m on fire tonight)
Vader can’t stop me (I’m on fire tonight)
Space player bowling up like dynamite
Dr. Smith can’t stop me (I’m on fire tonight)
Q can’t stop me (I’m on fire tonight)
Even Hal can’t stop me (I’m on fire tonight)

Download this Song, a song which talks about the future of the music industry:

Hey Mr. Record Man
The joke’s on you
Running your label
Like it was 1992
Hey Mr. Record Man,
Your system can’t compete
It’s the New Artist Model
File transfer complete
Download this song!

Check out his spot and "download this song".
More songs to listen to are featured on his spot.
Then there is his official website.

I just can't say enough about this stuff! Other great songs from his album "The Graduate" - Rapgirl, 21 Concepts, Ahab (Miranda's favourite!), Singing Emo, i-Generation... they are all great! Go listen now!!

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