Thursday, January 18, 2007

Damn Apes - love it love it love it

If you only do one thing in 2007, check out this band from Vancouver!! Damn Apes And then tell all your friends to check them out!!

I sometimes chat with one of the Damn primates (heehee that's so cute and funny!) and he never told me he was in a band, and that they are sooooo good!! I swear, I have been living on their MySpace page for the past 5 days, listening to their songs over and over. I would totally make the drive there to see one of their shows one of these days. Anyone up for a roadtrip?


eelke said...

do you have their album?
Man i love:

the cinematics - break away
paralyzer - finger eleven

played it like 20 times in a row last night.

Anonymous said...

I love this band angelinie...I will go on a road trip with you...consider it done !

angel.girl said...

Great! But creepy, since I have no idea who you are!!