Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sometimes I wish

Don't get me wrong, I love my child dearly, but lately this single parent thing has been very exhausting.

This morning:
- Miranda didn't want to wake up
- we were late leaving the house as a result
- I was 1/2 way to work I realised we left her lunch on the counter so I had to turn around and get it to school for her so she wouldn't starve
- I was late for work
If I could be 22 again:
- the only thing that might have made me late for work was a hangover, and I was pretty good at still dragging my ass to work on mornings like that
- I was dating Marshall and Chuck and this time I would stay with Marshall
- I won't have gotten married, won't have had a baby, and I wouldn't have anyone else to look after 
- living in a warmer climate (the specialist said it was best for my fingers if I move to a climate warmer than Alberta) and not having problems with Reynaud's and wasn't having to go for Lupus screening.
My initial blood work shower a decrease in a particular antibody, which is usually consistent with an auto-immune disease, and Reynaud's can be a result of Lupus, hence the reason for the Lupus screening.
In the meantime I have the following checklist for personal care:
- don't smoke - never did, not about to start!
- exercise - still running and looking to start training with weights
- control stress - hah! good one, I'm a single parent, remember?
- take care of hands & feet (mittens & socks) - already do that


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Anonymous said...

sorry to hear that.

is it just me or is it not that cold in Edmonton for the time of the year? yesterday I saw that it was colder in the netherlands than in Reno and Edmonton.