Tuesday, January 16, 2007

arm on ice

I was taking Miranda to school this morning and I went back to the car to retrieve a hair elastic so she could have her hair up for dance classes this afternoon. I nearly fell on the stairs leaving the school, considering myself very lucky that I hadn't fallen. Well #@*% my lucky because I don't have any real luck. As I was going to leave the school the second time, I slipped and fell in the hallway. Not about to let anyone see me on the floor, I immediately got back up and gracefully (at least with as much grace as was manageable) limped out to the car. I was actually going to work but after driving for 5 minutes I realised I had been crying the entire time and my arm was laying limp in my lap so it wasn't like I was actually going to be able to work. Plus, the pain was excruciating.

Yes, I turned around and went home. I could move my fingers (I didn't actually test that out until I was out of the school and in the car) so I deduced nothing was broken, and that the best thing would be to pack my arm in ice and take something for the pain and just rest.

Filling a bag with ice was interesting, since one hand hurt so bad and the other hand got cold so fast and my fingers were going white. I don't have much more ice in the freezer and I was thinking I would have o go out for more, but then I realised, it's winter! And I live in Canada! And we have lots of snow, so I don't have to go any further than the back yard. I might not have been blessed with luck, but I am blessed with brains.

I can't imagine always having to type with just hand all the time. (pardon any errors, at least I have an excuse!)

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