Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Another Waver!

(Scott, I totally forgot to tell you about this last night!!) 
Guess who has another waver... me! 
Yesterday while I was running, I was rounding the corner by the spin class area and this guy was by the weights and he waved to me, and smiled, AND SAID HELLO.  I said hi and kept on running.  Lucky for him I wasn't too far into my run otherwise I wouldn't have been able to say anything back and he would have thought me to be a total snob. ha ha! 
He's a muscly guy with no neck and usually wears a faded maroon coloured ball cap.  He is there, with his friends, on a somewhat regular basis.
He is not the same waver from December, but at the end of January I was walking behind them leaving the gym and one guy told the other 2 guys, there's that girl, and then they all looked at me as I walked past them, and it was soooo obvious they were talking about me. 

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