Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Whose bright idea was it ... oh, an American's!

Since the clocks changed on Sunday morning, I have had a heck of a time getting to sleep at night, and waking up has been quite difficult (and we're only on day 3!).  Last night I forgot to turn on my alarm clock (and I have a new cell phone that doesn't have the option to set a weekday alarm that goes off Monday to Friday without me even thinking about it, like my old phone did, and guess what! I forgot to set it last night) so I slept in.  Guess what time I woke up at - THE EXACT TIME I would have been waking up at before the time change, exactly one hour late for this morning, leading me to ask, whose bright idea was is to adapt Daylight Saving Time two weeks early this year?  I HATE IT!! 
Thank you U.S.A. for making me late for work today!  Thank you George W. Bush for making me late for work today!  Thank you stupid American Energy Policy Act of 2005 for making me late for work today!
And why is it called Daylight Saving Time ... we don't actually save any daylight, it's just shifted to later in the day.  Kudos to Saskatchewan, Arizona, and Hawaii standing up for themselves and keeping away from the DST idea.

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