Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Crack Doctor

I went for the first time to see a chiropractor.  For over a decade I have noticed a popping in my back/hip when I do sit ups that involve single leg extensions.  I didn't think that was normal and finally decided to have it check out. She aligned my back and worked on my neck and oh my gosh how much do I love that massage machine she has!!  Turns out the ligaments/tendons whatever in my back/hip are tight and she said to work on stretching out the hip flexor and quads (or was it the hamstrings, I can't remember now! no, no it was the quads, because she said I was tight in the front)  I go back on Thursday for a follow up and then next Wednesday I start getting massages again.  I forgot how much I have missed them!

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Anonymous said...

crack doctor? hehehe you mean a urologist?