Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pink Car #41

We were watching TV this afternoon, when suddenly I exclaimed, THERE'S A PINK ONE!  The image looked a lot more impressive on the bigscreen (and in HD). 


race_endI was slightly confused because it looked like the Target car, but Target's colour is red, not pink.  The BF explained that they run a pink car as a Breast Cancer fundraiser.  Usually I cheer for which ever car Scott is cheering for, but today I had my very own car to cheer for.  I watched as it went from 11th place to 9th place, then down to 12th place.  In the end, my pretty pink car was the third one over the finish line!!  BOOYA!

reed sorensonReed Sorenson is making a donation based on his  race results.  His pink helmet and fire suit are listed on eBay, with the proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Project Pink House.  Plus Target is matching donations from a pledge drive.

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