Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Starts with S

Three NEW and COOL albums by bands that start with S:

Seether- Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces. I turned this album on and it was like hearing from an old friend, instantly familiar to my ears. I liked not having to listen to it a few times over to get used to the news songs.

Favourite songs: Like Suicide, FMLYHM, Fallen

She Wants Revenge- This is Forever. They toured in 2006 with Depeche Mode (my most favourite band ever!) and I listened to a few of their songs off of their self-titled album, but when I heard the new single True Romance, I went nuts! Their darkwave sound reminds me of The Sisters of Mercy.
Favourite songs: True Romance, She Will Always Be a Broken Girl, What I Want

Serj Tankian's Elect the Dead. It's the debut solo project debut of the System of a Down lead vocalist, keyboardist and rhythm guitarist. He carries the same sound over to this album. It's awesome.

Favourite songs: Empty Walls, Lie Lie Lie, Elect the Dead, Sky is Over

folderSaron Gas- Fragile. It's not a NEW but definitely COOL album. Before there was Seether, there was Saron Gas. It fits in with the other S bands that are in rotation on my playlist. Most of the songs are on the first Seether Album but here are a few of my faves that are not.
Favourite songs: Beer, Dazed and Abused, Empty

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