Thursday, November 22, 2007


I have been looking at old photos and remember when Miranda was younger. I wish I had someone to reminisce with. She was (and still is) so happy and smart and shining... but preschoolers have that innocence that makes them 1,000,000x more perfect than anything else in the world. It breaks my heart that these memories live only in my mind and no one else's.

I worked downtown, her daycare was downtown, we took in a lot of the downtown festivals.

5pm April 24, 2003. We were in front of Canada Place, waiting for the bus to take us home. Miranda (age 3.5) was running around the bike rack. Me, the ever paranoid parent, was calling to her to slow down, be careful not to slip, then once she started squeezing between the bars, I was warning her to mind that she didn't get stuck.

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