Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I'm going out for lunch today and looked up the driving directions on GoogleMaps.  Here are the directions it spit out.


But on the map that was attached to the directions, it shows from 89St get onto 51Ave and take it straight to Calgary Trail.  I have no idea where I am supposed to take this U-Turn.  Are they even legal?  I can guarantee that there is not a U-Turn sign along the route.  If I get stopped, can I whip out my GoogleMaps driving directions as my defense?

From Wikipedia:

In Alberta, U-Turns are prohibited in certain circumstances, for example (ref. Alberta Regulation 304/2002, Division 7):

  • At the crest of a hill or on a curve unless the driver can see at least 150 m ahead,
  • Anywhere a sign prohibits a U-Turn,
  • In urban areas between intersections,
  • At alleys and driveways,
  • At an intersection controlled by a traffic signal (unless signage or signals specifically allow this maneuver),
  • By a school bus on an undivided highway or on a divided highway where the length of the bus is longer than the width of the median between the two carriageways.

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Chris said...

That U-Turn, is actually just a left turn from our office. But you probably know that now.