Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Music Now

Here's the list of my favourite new albums.

A.F.I. - I Heard a Voice - Live from Long Beach Arena - the CD version of the DVD that was released in 2006.  I love almost every song on this album!

Favourite Songs: Prelude 12/21, Death of Seasons, Love Like Winter,
Endlessly, She Said

Neverending White Lights - Act II: the blood and the life eternal - Always is the song that is getting radio play, but I find it somewhat annoying.  The first song, Theme From the Blood and the eternal life, is a cool instrumental piece.  There is no Dallas Green on this one, but hey, Dallas can't do everything all the time.  It's neat how it features artists who did not appear on the first album, plus Daniel Victor actaully sings on this album.

Favourite Songs: The World is Darker (feat. Auf der Maur), The Warning (feat. Jonathan Bates of Mellowdrone), Where Are We feat. Rob Dickinson of Catherine Wheel)

Raine Maida - Hunter's Lullaby - Front man & song writer from Our Lady Peace...  His "collection of poems put to music" method reminds me of Billy Corgan, only Raine is a better singer.

Favourite Songs: Careful What You Wish For, The Less I Know, The Snake and The Crown, Yellow Brick Road

KoRn- Untitled - It's like creamed corn, runny and not as good as the corn on the cob, but it still makes for ok background music.  Parts of Innocent Bystander reminds me of Fallen Rock Zone by Ra.

Favourite Songs - Starting Over, Hold On, Innocent Bystander, Sing Sorrow

Nine Inch Nails - Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D - The album name looks like 2 digits short of a vehicle serial number, but it's not that intimidating.  (Year Zero Remixed)  Like Korn, it's good background noise.

Favourite Songs: Guns By Computer, The Beginning of the End, Zero-Sum

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