Friday, November 30, 2007

Where does Time go?

I sat down to have a cup of Holiday Chai Tea (sans milk) and read the soap opera updates.  Next thing I know, It is nearly two hours later, my cup has been empty for ages, and I haven't even navigated to  What have I been doing?  ... not much, sending 2 short emails, blogging about music, reading about music, while listening to music, then a quick stop to Facebook.  Oh and I had to change the feed settings on my blog because I changed it to "short" a few days about but not it imports like shit to Facebook, so I changed it back to "full".  Life according to Facebook... you'd think the bloody things makes the world go round or something. 

I should be tidying the house, giving the kids a clear space to mess up this weekend.  Miranda is having her birthday party on Sunday.... it's a horse themed party.  The girl is horse crazy, it's insane.  She is convinced that Santa will be bringing her a Furreal Friends Horse this year. The thing is cool, but it's $250-$300.  How the heck is Jolly St Nick going to fit a horse on his sleigh?)  She wants the Parrot, too. "Sqwakers McCaw is a witty, energetic, and unpredictable talking parrot",   I bet the things doesn't come with a volume control.

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