Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sweet?? Dreams

dreams Over the past few weeks I have been remembering my dreams more and more, and they haven't been the nightmares the usually plague me.

Last night I dreamt that Baller was talking about his Crest electric toothbrush, and how it got cooler and cooler the more he used it. Then he proceeded to make me sit and watch as he brushed his teeth.

WTF?  I don't even know if he uses an electric toothbrush!!  And why then heck would I be dreaming about him??  I think it was because I talked to Scott before going to bed, and he mentioned work and Baller.

The previous night, I dreamt that I secretly moved into a house, without the owner knowing! 

The house was empty and on the market to be rented.  I was unpacking in an upstairs room when I heard the door open and the owner was met by some drunks who were obviously never going to be able to afford the rent.  Then he was walking through the house, talking on his cell phone when he saw me.  He continued on with his conversation, completely calm about the idea of a stranger unpacking her belongings without invitation.  After his call, I started to apologize about my intrusion, explaining that I had no idea what possessed me to do it, but that I would like to rent the place and would provide him with an application to see if I qualified.  He said to forget about it, I was there so I might as well stay.


•VJESCI• said...

.perhaps you might credit this painting.

.I for one am interested.

angel.girl said...

The painting is by John Anster Fitzgerald: The Stuff that Dreams Are Made of (1858)