Monday, October 02, 2006

Expensive Parking & Another Murder

I was running late this morning so I had to park closer to the office. The lot by the Greyhound station used to be $4.50/day. Two weeks ago it was $5.50/day. Today it was $6.50! WTF is going on?! Maybe because it is getting colder out they figure people will be parking closer to the city centre?? I didn't listen to the morning news, but this is something I just read about the area where I usually park my car. Parking there is $2.00/day and has been since the start of July.

Homicide investigators were called to the down town area last night around 10 o-clock. When they arrived they found the body of a man hanging out the window of a third floor suite at walk up apartment near 95th Street and 102nd A Ave. One man was taken into custody. Police found the suspect sitting on the third floor ledge outside of the Apartment, not far from where the body of the victim was discovered. Charges are pending. (taken from the Sonic NewsflashBlog)

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