Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The "visitors" are coming

The visitors are coming tomorrow... the special visitors...

The anticipation (of others, not mine) of this event has made me discover something about myself, because if asked what I think about the coming of the special visitors I cannot keep my opinion to myself. You'd think that the f'ing Queen of England was the special visitor in question, buuuut she's not! I hope the head cheese in the office doesn't ask me because it might be bad if I open my mouth.... Yippeedooshit!

Our office has just been repainted. It was two weeks of dust and 1/2 my desk missing so they would paint the pole. My bronchitis flared up, my allergies flared up. It was miserable. They told us it was because they have extended the lease on the office space for another 5 years, trying to get s thinking optimisitically that we are not being shut down. Then they get new pots for the office plants, and hang some new pictures, and get some new clocks (which, by the way have a terrible GLARE! which I noticed as soon as they brought in the samples. True, they selected the nicer of the two models, but the other one had zero glare and you could tell the time from across the room, but I digress.)

Then they announce the Executive Vice President of North American Operations and the President of "insert the company name here" of Canada are touring all the branches. AHHHH!!!
Please ensure your respective department area is clean and tidy. We have spent an incredible amount of time and money to make this place look good for you, your team and our customers.

How dumb do they think we are?? So that's why they are making the office improvements - not for the staff, but so the head cheese can make a good impression in the President's eye. *gag*

No worries, I will be on my best behaviour for the next two days, short of kissing ass (I lack the skills necessary for brown-nosing). My desk is tidy, I took down more than 1/2 of my photos, I will dress cute and stylish and still within the dress code restrictions, and yay! I get to miss part of the afternoon for the mentoring program!


Anonymous said...

heheheh wow:

what i was listening to: IMogen heap 444 ?

xxx. Eelke

angel.girl said...

I saw that last night! I was listening to her a lot but also to other stuff, and no way 444 times!!

444 x 3.5min/song on average = 1554 minutes of listening time / 24hrs = 64.75 days, which is impossible to accomplish in one week.

And I didn't leave the computer on over night or music playing when I wasn't at home, and I also watched a bunch of shows so I think they are wrong.

angel.girl said...

whoa, I was totally sleeping...

444 x 3.5min/song on average = 1554 minutes of listening time / 60 min/hr = 25.9hr ... totally possible