Thursday, October 19, 2006


I took home a thingamaboob today. What's a thingamaboob? Something that should not be confused with a thingamaboo! I got mine in the rontunda at Commerce Place. The Canadian Cancer Society had their annual Jail And Bail fundraiser and there was a booth set up with the thingamaboobs. They are $5.00, and the money raised will help fund cancer research and provide cancer-related support services.

It's pink, but I really didn't need one. I wasn't even going to get one. I actaulyl went back later in the day to get mine, after learning what they mean.

A thingamaboob - it's more than just a keychain; it's an education tool for breast cancer. Here's how to read the thingamaboob, from the bottom to the top:

- the largest bead is the size of the average lump found by women performing regular self-examinations
- the next bead up is the average size lump found by a clinical breast examination by a healthcare professional
- the solid pink bead is the average size lump found by the first mamogram
-the tiny beads are the average size lumps found by getting regular mamograms
-the yellow flower is the symbol of the Canadian Cancer Society

Do I do regular self-examinations? No.
Will I start to do regular self-examinations? No.
Do I understand the improtance of self-examinations? Yes.
But now I know that if I feel something the size of a gumball then I should have it checked out!

October is Breat Cancer Awareness month, and the thingamaboobs can be purchased from local Canadian Cancer Society offices only in the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

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