Monday, October 09, 2006

I am thankful for...

Today is Thanksgiving, and if anyone actually needs a day to remind themselves of what they are thankful for, then they are probably not appreciative enough (in my opinion). My family cancelled the Thanksgiving dinner today, so I didn't get to share my list with my family, but at least my friends listened. I made a nice card, but didn't give it to anyone. I guess I will save it for next year, or send it to someone south of the 49th parallel later next month. Here is my TOP 5 LIST
1. I am healthy (relatively speaking, I don't have a terminal or life debilitating disease)
2. I am a mother, and my daughter is healthy and happy (again, relatively speaking. She wasn't too happy when I told her at 8:05 that it was time to leave Sadie's house and they could play again together next weekend.)
3. I live in a free society, in a land of opportunity and advantage, with electricity and heat, and clean running water. Technically, this should probably be #1 because if it wasn't for this fact then I might not be so fortunate with my health or with Miranda's, or more likely we'd be struggling just to stay alive. eek!
4. I have people who care about me (this was the year for solidifying some good friendships, and then of course there is my family)
5. I am intelligent and beautiful!!

We spent the afternoon (and evening) with Noemi and Sadie. I took the girls to the park and Miranda and I swung together on the swings. Then we went to see the place Noemi and Sadie are moving into next month. We all bounced together on the trampoline (not safe, we told the girls to never bounce with more than one person without us there). Noemi fed us dinner and I love going to her place because she cooks vegetables that I never buy, like squash, and this time it was sweet potatoes. I want to get a place down the street from them so we can spend more time together... that would be nice.

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