Tuesday, November 21, 2006


My trip to the Art Gallery of Alberta was quite nice! Actually, it was a lot of fun!!

I was pleased to see there were more than 5 pices in the Baroque Masterwoks exhibit: 13, in fact! from the National Art Gallery of Canada, and then a display of Baroque pieces that the University of Alberta has in its collection.

I was also surprised by the modern art exhibit that was there: MAKEBELIEVE. It featured Canadian artists, highlighting the mechanisms of distortion & the construction of illusions. I most enjoyed the pieces by David Carter (Vancouver). Until this visit, I never quite understood modern/contemporary art. Maybe I have gained a bit of clarity since turning 30, or perhaps having someone to discuss it with made it easier to understand. (I think it's the latter.) I finally figured out how to appreciate television as an art medium!

(top image: Milutin Gubash; bottom image: Myfanwy Macleod)

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