Monday, November 06, 2006

Miss Witch

Yesterday there was a Halloween party at Sadie's house. Noemi promised her a Halloween party, but they were moving last weekend, so the party was delayed a week. In attendance were princesses, a witch, a butterfly, a couple of goth chicks, a super hero with a third eye, Woody (the sheriff from Toy Story) and like 15 children in all! Lots of noise! The children played inside, built little snowmen outside (I wish I took pictures, but I didn't see the snowpeople which looked like snow mounds since the snow wasn't sticky), played on the trampoline, swung in the tree swing, played music games and danced, ate pizza, built puzzles, and oh! baked muffins. Miranda was excited to be able to have green hair and black nails since we didn't actually have time to do that for her on October 31st.

click to see the photos :

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