Monday, November 06, 2006

My First 5km Race

Saturday morning I ran my first race. I was driving to the park at 9:30 and realised I hadn't even had so much as a drink of water before leaving the house. ooops! I had a few sips of water and 1/2 an almond granola bar en route.

It was the wind-up race for the Running Room fall clinics. It was at Rundle Park and they mapped out a new route to run. We started going cross country. It was about -6C, there was 2 inches of snow on the ground (it snowed the night before) and we were having to run on the grass. What a start! Once we were done on the grass, we had to run up hills, and then finally down hills and then up and down another hill.

Nicole and I finished in 00:32:31. Whoever said don't start in front because it's discouraging to see people passing you was probably a little wrong. We started in the middle and had slow people in front of us and it was hard to get around them on the narrow paths. Had we started at the front, we would have (1) been able to count how many people were ahead of us, and (2) we wouldn't have slow people in front of us!

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