Thursday, November 23, 2006

Where I want to go!!!!

With this year's Christmas visit to Phoenix, I want to go to the Phoenix Art Museum!

Exhibits that will be there at the same time I will be there include, Fierce Reality: Italian Masters from 17th Century Naples, Modern by Nature: Ansel Adams in the 1930s, After Dark: 100 Years of the Evening Dress (this one should be fun!), Brilliant Abstraction: Orme Lewis Gifts in the New Orme Lewis Gallery, George Thiewes: Expanding the Sculptural Field.

Bummer that I will be there before the Rembrandt and the Golden Age of Dutch Art: Treasures from the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam exhibit arrives. :( They will have 14 works by Rembrandt! There is to be over 90 pieces in total! I could cry! *sob* I'm so sad I'll be missing out, as the exhibit is only going to 3 museums in the United States.

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