Sunday, November 26, 2006


For Jenny's birthday we went to the Comic Strip in WEM. The guys made us laugh but were not hillarious. The funniest part was them cutting up this company Christmas party. They were a chainsaw manufacterer, Husqvarna. Anyway, you had to be there. The headline started off with a good joke, but we cannot remember what it was about, and then he ended strong. How lame, you can totally see through that one: have the audience remmeber laughing when you started and laughing when you finish. But his last joke was funny. He was making fun of people who talk baby talk to their dogs and turned it around to see how it would be if they spoke to people that way, like say to a cop of a girl in the bar. That was funny! We also got free tickets for another show because our seats weren't in the best spot.

After the show, everyone went home except for me and Daniel. We went to Moxie's for dinner and the insensitive bloke ordered a big boy Heineken (and then a Corona - big boys are 700mL). He did say that he considered not getting the Heineken but couldn't resist its great taste. I was drinking stripnotic and showgirl cocktails. Why do they give them such horrible names? I played wingman and helped the charming lad land the waitress's digits. haha! She initially thought that we were together and then thought it was a first date when Daniel questioned me being a vegetarian. She insisted that we were a couple. She is like 20, so that explains a lot.

After dinner, we met up with David at Fever. Holy crap was that place horrible! (David was there for a birthday celebration.) Very young crowd, girls with their Babyphat purses and Bebe tanks. The club, although non smoking, was constantly under the smoke of a fog machine. It hurt my eyes and my throat. We only stayed an hour before calling it a night.

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