Sunday, November 05, 2006

Night Owls

Ana had us over for dinner last night and Miranda and Miriam were up playing until 1:30 in the morning! Ana, Ramon and I were watching a movie (Hide & Seek) and had no idea about the time. Alex came back from Fort McMurray with a moose in the back of his truck. I took a peek at it when I was leaving. I thought about taking a picture, but there seemed to be something perverse about taking a photo of an animal carcass in the back of a truck.

click to see more photos of the girls

Miranda freaked out when she tried to make popcorn in the microwave and this happened. Ana said that it had happened before. It was pretty funny to walk into the kitchen and see the mess. The bag blew out on both ends.

Miranda cried when she had to go home, and was somewhat comforted by the fact that we arranged for a sleepover in two weeks.

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