Friday, February 09, 2007

Whale Blubber

I clicked on this link Protein and learned that under Finfish and Shellfish Products Raw, Green Turtle is the 2nd best protein source next to Raw Frogs Legs!! Under Poultry Products they list Emu, under Ethnic Foods is Seal, Walrus and Beluga Whale!! I was could hardly tell Michelle wheat I found because I was laughing so much!!

So Michelle asks if Whale Blubber is listed as a good fat source and I excitedly said, "I will check!!" and sure as shit, they do have Whale Blubber (see image below) I was laughing historically because it is at the top of the caloric ratio pyramid.

Ewww you can also see the nutrient information for Beluga Whale EYES. Their moisture content is 55%... learn something new every day!!

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