Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My Tamagotchi

I'm am an adult and I have a Tamagotchi. It was a present from Eelke. They are heartbreaking little things.

I lost my Tamagotchi on Saturday. I had been naming, feeding, playing with, and nurturing these electronic pets since the start of the year, without them dying on me. Conni was a 4th generation (meaning I raised 4 tamas and their offspring before her) and she had a baby. I was so upset that I had become so attatched to this silly toy!!
I found it Sunday afternoon, in the pocket of my bath robe. Conni and the baby were hungry, sick, and surrounded by poop, but still alive!! I nursed them back to health and later that night Conni left and I only had the baby, which I named Uma.
Ok, so what happens when the parent leaves... at midnight on the second night of having a baby, if you turn on the light you see the adult Tama wake up, stare at the baby Tama and then slowly fly away. They abandon their young!! In the morning, when the baby Tama wakes up, you have to select a name and then it starts to cry. wah! How heartbreaking! This is a child's toy and it I am reacting like this, how is a child going to react to it?? Oh what a cruel world.

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