Saturday, February 17, 2007


I was going to put this with the Make This Go On Forever post, but really, each song deserves its own post.

My new favourite song of the hour: Roadside by Rise Against. I swear I listened to it 50 times the other night.

Tell me what I'm suppose to do
With all these left over feelings of you
Cause I don't know

And tell me how
I'm suppose to feel
When all these nightmares
Become real

Cause I don't know

And I don't think you see
The places inside me
That I found you

And I don't know how we
Separate the lies here from the truth

And I don't know how we
Woke up one day somehow thought we knew
Exactly what we're suppose to do

So leave me
At the roadside
And hang me
Up and out to dry

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