Thursday, February 15, 2007

Lorraine & Eric Visit

Feb 10th, party at Michelle & Jenn's. Occassion: housewarming and because Lorraine and Eric were visiting. Eric is from NYC and this was our first chance to meet him. We went to Iron Horse on Whyte Ave and that was a treat (not!) Note to self: DO NOT go there again. It's just not my crowd, and I didn't ever say one work to anyone who was outside of the friends circle.

oh! that's not entirely true... when I left, I asked these guys waiting to cross the street if they were going over by Southgate because I needed a lift, because it was 1:00 in the morning, it was cold and snowing, and I hate having to try to hail a cab on Whyte! One guy said ya, his dad was on his way to pick them up. Turns out these boys are like 18! haha! We stood in the drive thu line at McDonald's for a few minutes (did I mention it was snowing?) and then the dad showed up before they could get food. They didn't need the greasy crap anyway. Then I went back downtown to meet up with Tall Kevin and Craig at Overtime.

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