Saturday, February 24, 2007

What a fun day!

Was I scared? Nah, not really. When we were starting off, Scott told me to hand on and no matter what, keep my feet on the sideboards, even if I felt like we were going to tip over, and leave everything to him. So that's what I did! The snow was sooooo deep in a lot of the fields, and we got stuck a few times but he did a good job of keeping me from falling off the snowmobile.

We were out for 5 hours!! It was sunny with clear blue skies and not too cold. Don't get me wrong, at a few points my toes and hands were a bit cold but they would warm up as we stopped going to fast. White, powdery snow everywhere, and when we were zipping over the pristine fields with the snow sparling as if wearing a coat of diamonds, it was so lovely!

Scott is such a sweety!! He would ask me along the way if I was warm enough, or too warm. When we were on own way back to the city and stopping for snacks, he made sure I selected the best orange juice and then in the truck he went to hand me the bottle, but then quickly snatched it back so he could shake it up for me. Awww! I can shake up my own juice, and would have done it, but it is nice that he is looking out for me.

The HUGEASS hill we went UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN again. I should have taken pictures from the very bottom looking up and from the top looking down. I will a tiny bit apprehensive at the first attempt, but once I knew what to expect it was fine. (and I will now admit that I was also a little nervous going down some of the ditches; I thought we were going to flip ass over nose!)

I wish I would have taken a picture when we first started out - the little trees had snow crystals stuck to them that reminded me of the science project from elementary school where you dissolve sugar in water, stick in a string and then the sugar crystalizes on the string. We can go again, but it will be hard to find another day that is exactly like this magnificent day was.

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