Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Boyfriend's New Honda VTX1300c

In case it was ever in doubt (which it wasn't), Scott is now officially the coolest boyfriend I have ever had.

Yesterday I was driving behind him and another biker came up beside him. At the red light, they chatted, and I thought it was one of those "club" things, you know where you automatically form a camaraderie with fellow bikers on the road.

Miranda and Taylor were in the backseat, asking what the men were talking about. I played out a conversation to them.

Biker on the right: Hey, nice VTX!
Scott: Dude, you know it! I just picked it up yesterday afternoon!!
Biker on right: Cool!
Scott: I totally need to hook my girlfriend up with one of those backrests. And then some saddle bags so I can carry a clean change of clothes and a razor, so I don't show up to ballet event looking like a greasebag goober.
Biker on right: ...
Scott: BTW, my girlfriend is in the car behind us. Stay away from my girlfriend.

It turned out that it was his friend, Joe!

1 comment:

eelke said...

wow impressive bike!

cool boyfriend --> ;-) no argument there. nice jacket too, lucky he's not wearing any of those racist german iron cross west coast choppers jackets.