Monday, June 11, 2007

6 Cab Cars & 3 Police Cars

Eeeek! When things like this happen it is scary to know that I'm a woman living alone. Something could have happened to me when I was walking from my home to my car, and no one would have known what happened because I hadn't told anyone where I was going. Well, that's not entirely true, since I did post my status update on Facebook to say that I was going to London Drugs and then home to watch a movie... but no one was expecting me home later that evening, I didn't have plans to call anyone, and Scott said he might call me later on, but not to count on it.
On Saturday evening I came home from having dinner with Scott and his family and saw two police cars and a Co-Op taxi cab stopped in the middle of the road at 88A St and 144 Ave. Along the side of the road were another 5 cab Co-Op cars and one other police car.

I went home, piddled on the computer and stuff and some time later decided to go to London Drugs. The Police cars and some of the taxi cabs were still there! I did my shopping (which took a while, as I spent a small fortune on beauty supplies!!) and when I went home, the cars were still there!

Today I saw on the Sonic newsflash blog that a Co-Op cab driver was slashed on the arm while picking up a fair in the north end. He is expected to be ok and the police have 2 people in custody.

More details ... they 2 people supposedly held a knife to his throat! Here is the news article.

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