Friday, June 22, 2007

New Statue

On Saturday afternoon I was a bit sad. Scott was hung over and not much in the mood for going out another night. (I had the exact same problem on my birthday last year, only it was a different guy.) I went shopping to make myself feel better, but it didn't really help. (just like last year) I walked into Tinbox and was sooo tempted to buy this wall mirror that I really want (shaped like a dress on a hanger, and carries a $190 price tag). Instead I grabbed the first nice, but not going to break the bank, thing I found, and bought it really without thinking. It didn't make me feel much better, and then I was also feeling guilty for buying a trinket that I really did not need. But I do like it, and it reminds me of my ballerina Miranda, and is appropriate, since I bought it the day after her dance recital. She's not itty bitty (any more), like the girl in the statue.

What did make things a little better was when Scott said he knew it was important to me (for him to be out with me for my birthday festivities), and so he would be there with me. I was delighted, but still felt guilty because I knew he would have preferred a quiet night.... and I just want him to be happy.

He had a nap, never complained, and we had a nice time. I need to listen to him more often - he said everything would work out, and he was right.

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