Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Vroom broom broom broom broom

Check out the new pipes!
First it was trying to pick out a new bike, then weeks of waiting for his old bike to sell, and then trying to decide what pipes to put on it... yes, his bike looks great, but one of the best parts is how he tries to include me in the decision making. I mean, he asks my opinion... I don't know how much weight it actually holds. I don't think I could persuade him against something if I didn't like it. I think he would just try harder to convince me to agree with him (like with the side license plate, which I only agreed would be cool when I saw the curved side mount kind!)

I got in trouble on the weekend for not always holding on with two hands. I better listen because I don't want to have my riding privileges suspended!! I like how when we're going to go really fast, he will pull my hands to make sure they are locked together around his waist.

Look how happy he is!

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