Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Blue Plate Diner

On Saturday, Miranda and I had lunch at the Blue Plate Diner with Noemi and Sadie and my Mum. The soup de jour was "chocolate tomato" and we asked for a sample. It reminded me of super-runny chilli. It might have been better with more chunky vegetables, as there were some flavourless beans and small chunks of potato and that's about all floating in it. The majority of the menu item contained cheese, so I had green onion cakes. Miranda had a grilled cheese sandwhich (it came on whole wheat bread), my mum and Sadie had cheese quesedillas, and Noemi had a chicken Caeser salad. The side salads came with edible flowers in them!

After lunch, we all went to my mum's place. Noemi and I chatted outside by the gazebo, and gazed across the river (mostly ast the University) as we waited for my mum and the girls to arrive. Then we went inside for tea and Noemi gave a light palm reading. I had never had my palm read before.


eelke said...

you look skinny! (but beautiful) love that white shirt you are wearing.

angel.girl said...

You look skinnier than I do in the photos you have sent me! (but handsome)