Friday, September 22, 2006

Reaching for the stars

I have started my ascent to the stars! My resume has been drafted (still putting the finishing touches on it) and cover letters will soon be written, as I am FED UP with my job and the company I work for.

Here's the situation: I am going nowhere in my department, because there are no positions to advance to. Earlier this week, I asked the head of the department to consider moving me to another area of the office. He thanked me for my interest, but declined my request at this time, based on the fact that he wants to keep my expertise in the department, as things are unstable staff-wise (people quitting, getting fired), but that when things settle down and there is an opening somewhere then I will be considered. Reading between the lines of bullshit, it means I shouldn't hold my breath. To top it off, the next day I found out that one of the new girls in the department is pregnant!, which means that she will be going on maternity leave for a year, so we'll probably have another year of instability to look forward to.

I have been there 5 years and I feel like he is stepping on my coat-tails and not letting me move anywhere. I could ask for a raise, but I have no idea what other jobs are paying, so now I am doing the research. But if I am making all the effort I might as well seriously consider these potential job offers, because just more money from my current job is not going to make me like it more. I want room to grow. I am working on getting myself out of the weedy ditch and finding myself a place in a splendid garden. (and eventually the plan is to end up in school so I can go even higher!)

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eelke said...

Hey thats weird, i didn't see any updates until today. (it might have been my browser too) my rss feed was still showing the one about your family reunion