Saturday, September 23, 2006

Susi Hiydgaard

On visits to my mother's house, I dread looking at her music collection, Micheal Bolton sort of crap that makes my ears bleed to hear it. (In all fairness, I cannot remember the names of the artists, but it is stuff I wouldn't be caught dead listening to.)

That was before my mum met Susi Hyldgaard at the jazz club.

Now when I go to her house, I just ask her to put on the red cd! The album is actually called Blush, and my favourite song on the CD is Take Your Time; I also like Blush and Seeking and Sometimes and well, the whole CD is nice to listen to! It's a bit jazzy but not the annoying, scratch out your eyes after you stab your co-worker for asking you yet another stupid question kind of jazz like they sometimes play on our Musak at the office.

Susi is from Denmark, and this is her fourth album, but the first to be released in North America. I have to find out how to hear the other ones!

(here is a cute drawing from inside the CD - I looove stick drawings)

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