Saturday, September 23, 2006

Weeds 2

(show spoilers if you've never watched it)

Back in February, I blogged about how season 1 of Weeds ended link. Well, the show is back for season two and it's pretty darn good!

The show is about a suburban housewife (Nancy), who sells pot to support her family, after her husband suddenly dies of a heart attack. In season 1, her younger boy bites another boy's leg during a karate match and in the season finale she ends up sleeping with the kid's single dad (Peter). The show ends with her getting out of bed and putting on one of Peter's jackets while he sleep. We see on the back that it's a DEA jacket!
Season 2 starts off with Nancy as she looks in the mirror and sees the DEA logo. She looks in one of Peter's drawers and sees his badge and gun. She tells him she saw the gun and says she can't see him because she's a widow and he has a dangerous job and she doesn't want to lose another man she cares about. Peter continues to pursue her and at the end of episode 2 it gets really good! Nancy tries to break things off with Peter because her "business" (they are building a grow house) partner (Conrad) doesn't like her associating with a drug enforcement agent, because he's scared they'll get busted. As his response, Peter tells Nancy he knows she's dealing drugs! She gets out of the car then vomits on the lawn. (end of show) In the next episode we find out that Nancy and Peter got married (by a Vegas Elvis impersonator) so he cannot be forced to testify against her, and will actually have a chance to try to date her. Then Nancy finds out the neighbourhood she selected for the grow house already has 3 other drug houses and they threaten her house. She tells her hubby (Peter) hoping he'll clean it up and it looks like it's too much for him to handle. He ends up surprising her and busts the other houses and on tv declares the neighbourhood to now be drug free. He tells Nancy it is his special gift for his wife.
There are other story lines in the show, but I like the Nancy & Peter one best.

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