Sunday, September 17, 2006

Happy Birthday, LL!

It wouldn't be a party with Laura Lee if she wasn't demanding take my picture! So we ended up with 59 photos on my camera (Lindsay had her camera, and LL had a disposable one) and LL was in 44 of those shots. Here is a super condensed gallery, cutting out the ones of LL on her own, demading attention from the camera. Make me look cute! she said to me. I told Jenn to get in the picture with her as a solution. heehee

I look tired and it's because I was! I hadn't planned on going out that night. In fact, Noemi took Miranda for the afternoon after dance classes, because she said I looked like shit and needed a break. (thanks) I had actually been thinking about invited Sadie over for a sleepover with Miranda, but Noemi called back and said she would like to keep the children, so I joined the party.

I'm also looking skinny. And the girls (read:Michelle)were not impressed by my casual attire, and I was pressured into donning a black shirt before we left.

After drinks at LL and Michelle's pad we hopped in two cabs and went to Whyte Ave. The plan was to get in the door at Urban Lounge and then LL wanted to go to the PO to dance. (Yes, you can dance to great, LIVE, music at UL but it's not the right kind of music for her.)

I was in cab #1 with Lindsay, Jenn and Ricky's friend Jeremy, and we had no problems getting into UL. A while later, Ricky shows up, sans Michelle and birthday-girl LL. He said he got in the band entrance and somehow Michelle and LL lipped off the bouncer and were not being let in. Ooops! Daniel and David were also in line to meet us, but tired of the long cue and went to Black Dog (where there is no dancing, so we did not follow).

We danced the whole time and I got bruises on my right foot to match the ones I got last weekend on my left foot, and replacing the ones I got two weeks before, from drunken dancers stepping on the top of my feet. There was a stagette paarty with a blow-up cowboy and Ricky (on a self-proclaimed dare for 20 bucks) grabbed the doll for a photo.

The band was awesome! Exit 303, a five-piece rock band from Edmonton did a fantastic job with the cover tunes they played. I have yet to check out their original music, but I will do so soon!

Oh! So whatever happened to Michelle and Laura Lee? They ended up at Saphire! But I didn't find out about that until I caught up with them at their pad at the end of the night (or start of the morning), since lL was too drunk to bother calling us to report where they were. Alternately, it never occured to us to call her... I know I just assumed she was dancing at the PO.

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