Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Brain Damage

We were having dinner with Scott's family tonight when suddenly I blurt out, "I think I might have brain damage." Scott replies, "Well of course you do, baby." Gee, thanks, I mean, what woman in her right mind would actually date him, right? hehehe

Seriously, I think I might have unknowingly had a stroke.

For the past few weeks I feel not quite every time I open my mouth. My speech is slurred (even when I haven't been drinking) and I stumble on my words. I know sometimes my brain works faster than my mouth, so sentences don't come out right, but for the past little while, more often than not, I have problems stringing two normal sounding sentences together!
  • Perhaps there is something wrong with my hearing, which is making me speak funny, because I haven't been taking my allergy pills and I could be going deaf and not really know it yet.
  • Perhaps it is due to the enormous amount of stress I have been under lately.
  • Perhaps it's all in my head and I don't sound as bad as I think I do.

Whatever the cause, I hope it corrects itself soon because I am starting to panic at the idea of social situations because I don't want to talk and have people think I am an idiot after listening to me! I am starting to wonder why Scott (in his right mind) would be dating someone who sounds like I do when I speak.

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