Thursday, July 05, 2007

If we were in The Simpsons

If we were characters in The Simpsons Movie, this is what we would look like! (but I'd be wearing a skirt and high heels or my pink Kitty jacket, and earrings and bigger boobs, and Scott would have to be sniffling from being so close to the cat.... but hey! I did the best with the tools they provided. Still, it is quite an accurate portrayal of us.)
Design your own character here.

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eelke said...

I got you 4 boxes of mango flavoured tic tacs. That should last you for a day ;-)

I'll send them to you when I get back in the USA.

I have an insane amount of luggage. I bought a kite surf kit from sjoukje ;-) (KITESURFING rocks!)