Monday, July 16, 2007

The Great BlackBerry Race

this is hishers will be better
& Hers?

Who can say how 'great' of a race it was, since Scott and Angeline were the only competitors. Angeline lost. Angeline is not impressed. Angeline hates to lose. He has a new 8703e and I have nothing. When I do get one, I will have to get a Curve to ensure that mine is smaller but better than his! (or something in pink! if RIM ever decides to make a pink one. They have black, blue, white, red, why not pink??)
Ah who am I kidding... There are a million things I need more than a BlackBerry right now... like a boyfriend who doesn't rub his new BlackBerry in my face :D


RockstaR said...

The blackberry face rubbing is revenge for the KRZR face rubbing I recieved from you....

angel.girl said...

I barely rubbed it in! Aside from the Facebook thing, I don't recall ever mentioning my Krzr being cooler than your Razr.