Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Tic Tac Fact

Since I consume so many TicTacs on my drives home from work, I thought I would compose a list of TicTac Facts.

  • TicTacs are manufactured by Ferrero, who also makes Ferrero Roche chocolates and Kinder Surprise.

  • TicTacs were introduced to the US market in 1969.
  • TicTacs used to be 1.5 calories each, but since they are not 30% larger, they are now 1.9 calories each.
  • I usually eat TicTac Orange or TicTac Bold Fruit flavours.
  • In the box of TicTac Bold Fruit that I ate today, there were 29 TicTacs. I ate them all. Plus the last 1/2 of a box of one orange ones.
This year, in the Netherlands, they are making Mango and Passion fruit flavours! Yum! Maybe someone can send me some *hinthint*

What's your type?My tictac type.

WOW!!! I love quantum physics, and my eggs have to be hard boiled!! Who would have guessed the tictac type predictor could be so accurate?!!

1 comment:

eelke said...

if i see them in the supermarket here i'll bring you some. ;-)

I actually like mentos fruit better...then again... me + suger = sugarshock